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A little of website history

1997, Spring: I got the first access to the Internet as soon as Internet emerged in our little town Ukhta on the North-West of Russia. I was 17 years old.

1998, May: the first version of the site was placed on the Geocities.com. Maybe anyone can recognize it? It's copy can be found at http://www.dmbeatles.com/old/

2001, Summer: a new version of the site with much more information, which I collected during years, followed. Also in 2001 I launched a forum, a chat and Top 100 Beatles sites which were located at http://www.dimur.f2s.com/, free for that time. Soon many more visitors access site at Geocities engendering stoppages in site's working. Amoung this www.dimur.f2s.com has stopped it's free service.

2002, February: I changed site design and moved all my Beatles projects to my new own domain beatles.murashev.com!

2004, October: the site was completely rebuild. Now it is based on PHP/MySQL `technology'. More pictures (780 in all), differ song versions (570 in all), illustrated history was added.

2006, September: Site's design was changed.

Thanks people who helped me to make the site:

- Victor Munoz who collected information about almost each day in the Beatles history and let me place it on my site. Victor keep his site A Beatles Index. Site contains Beatles dates, discography with lyrics, news and much more.
- Jesse who shared with his magazine covers which he collected during years. Jesse runs a site Jesse's Beatles 45's & Memorabilia that contains his private collection of Beatles and solo 45s, picture sleeves, and memorabilia, details of various record labels the Beatles appeared on
- Catherine E. Doyle for detailed information on band names and it's members from the day when John Lennon made his first group up to the Beatles broke up.
- Many others who e-mail me in order to correct Beatles lyrics and facts.

This site is getting better all the time due to you and other visitors!

Dmitry Murashev