George Martin
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George Martin

Born: January 3, 1926 in London, England

George head of A&R at Parlophone and the producer of all of the Beatles records except for Let It Be. He also was arranger & pianist at the some Beatles albums. Beatles contracted with George Martin on June 26, 1962.

George Martin wrote the orchestral scores for the Beatles movies A Hard Days Night, Help! and Yellow Submarine, and also The Family Way and Live and Let Die which Paul contributed songs to. He also produced the music for Robert Stigwood's movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

# Name Brief
1 John Lennon Beatles member
2 Paul McCartney Beatles member
3 George Harrsion Beatles member
4 Ringo Starr Beatles member
5 George Martin Producer
6 Stuart Sutcliffe Bassist (1959-1961)
7 Pete Best Drummer (1960-1962)
8 Mal Evans Road manager, assistant, friend
9 Derek Taylor Press agent, journalist
10 Brian Epstein Manager