Stuart Sutcliffe
John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrsion Ringo Starr

Stuart Sutcliffe

Born: June 23, 1940 in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Died: April 10, 1962 in Hamburg, Germany from a brain hemmorrhage.

Stu was bass guitarist from late 1959 until the Beatles second Hamburg trip in 1961.

Stu's girlfriend Astrid changed his clothes and gave him a new, distinctive hair style, which all the Beatles later adopted.
# Name Brief
1 John Lennon Beatles member
2 Paul McCartney Beatles member
3 George Harrsion Beatles member
4 Ringo Starr Beatles member
5 George Martin Producer
6 Stuart Sutcliffe Bassist (1959-1961)
7 Pete Best Drummer (1960-1962)
8 Mal Evans Road manager, assistant, friend
9 Derek Taylor Press agent, journalist
10 Brian Epstein Manager