Pete Best
John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrsion Ringo Starr

Pete Best

Born: November 24, 1941 in Madras, British India.

Pete was Beatles drummer from August 1960 during next two years.

Pete's mother, Mona Best, ran the Casbah Club, a cellar club in Hayman's Green, where the Beatles had been playing in 1959, 1960.
Pete played on "My Bonnie" and the other tracks recorded with Tony Sheridan for Bert Kaempfert in Germany.

# Name Brief
1 John Lennon Beatles member
2 Paul McCartney Beatles member
3 George Harrsion Beatles member
4 Ringo Starr Beatles member
5 George Martin Producer
6 Stuart Sutcliffe Bassist (1959-1961)
7 Pete Best Drummer (1960-1962)
8 Mal Evans Road manager, assistant, friend
9 Derek Taylor Press agent, journalist
10 Brian Epstein Manager