Mal Evans
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Mal Evans

Born: May 27, 1937 in Liverpool, England
Died: January 5, 1976 in a misunderstanding with the police because he had a gun in Los Angeles, California, United States

In the early 1960s, Evans was working as a telephone engineer at the time, but was later employed as a doorman at the Cavern Club. The Beatles were performing at the Cavern Club when Evans saw them for the first time during a lunch break, and Brian Epstein later hired him as their road manager in 1963. Evans contributed to many recordings, and appeared in some of the films they made. The Beatles stopped touring in 1966, but Evans carried on assisting the band and working with them in the studio.

Evans was shot and killed by police on January 5, 1976 in his rented duplex in Los Angeles, because police officers mistakenly believed that the air gun Evans was holding was a rifle
# Name Brief
1 John Lennon Beatles member
2 Paul McCartney Beatles member
3 George Harrsion Beatles member
4 Ringo Starr Beatles member
5 George Martin Producer
6 Stuart Sutcliffe Bassist (1959-1961)
7 Pete Best Drummer (1960-1962)
8 Mal Evans Road manager, assistant, friend
9 Derek Taylor Press agent, journalist
10 Brian Epstein Manager