Derek Taylor
John Lennon Paul McCartney George Harrsion Ringo Starr

Derek Taylor

Born: May 7, 1932 in Liverpool, England.
Died: September 7, 1997 from cancer.

Derek was columnist and theatre critic for the Northern Daily Express when he first saw the Beatles on May 30th, 1963 at the Manchester Odeon. He was Brian Epstein's personal assistant, scriptwriter and Beatles press agent and spent six months travelling the world with the Beatles.

From 1968 he was press officer (in-house publicist) for the Apple Corps. In 1970 he was ousted during the Allen Klein takeover of Apple.
# Name Brief
1 John Lennon Beatles member
2 Paul McCartney Beatles member
3 George Harrsion Beatles member
4 Ringo Starr Beatles member
5 George Martin Producer
6 Stuart Sutcliffe Bassist (1959-1961)
7 Pete Best Drummer (1960-1962)
8 Mal Evans Road manager, assistant, friend
9 Derek Taylor Press agent, journalist
10 Brian Epstein Manager