Yellow Submarine movie
Buy Yellow Submarine DVD at Amazon.comA United Artist Release
King Features Entertainment

UK Premiere 17 July, 1968
US Premiere 13 November, 1968

Running time 87 minutes


John Clive - voice of John
Geoffrey Hughes - voice of Paul
Paul Angelus - voice of Ringo, Chief Blue Meani
Dick Emery - voice of Lord Mayor, Boob
Lance Percival - voice


Director George Dunning
Production Companies King Features Entertainment, Subafilms, Apple Films, TV Cartoons
Producer Al Brodax
Associate Producer Mary Ellen Stewart
Production Supervisor John Coates
Scriptwriter Lee Minoff, Al Brodax, Jack Mendelsohn, Erich Segal
Original Story Lee Minoff
Original Songs John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison
Original Score George Martin
Cinematography John Williams
Animation Directors Jack Stokes,Bob Balser
Animations Allan Ball, Hester Coblentz, Rich Cox, Arthur Cuthbert, Cam Ford, Ann Jolliffe, Tom Halley, Jim Hiltz, Arthur Humberstone, Reg Lodge, Terry Moesker, Mike Pocock, Edric Radage, Mike Stuart
Special Effect Animator Chris Cannter
Head Checkers Helen Jones, Margaret Geddes, Janet Hosie, Corona Mayer
Background Alison De Vere
Background Edited Millie McMillan, Brian J. Bishop
Designers Heinz Edelman, John Cramer, Gordon Harrison
Special Effects Charles Jenkins
Sound Donald Cohen, Ken Rolls
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1 A Hard Day's Night 1964
2 Help! 1965
3 How I Won the War 1966
4 Magical Mystery Tour 1967
5 The Family Way 1967
6 Yellow Submarine 1968
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