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Today in Beatles history
1961 - Performance at noontime at the Cavern Club in Liverpool.
1963 - 11.03am. John Dennis Profumo stands up in the British Parliament to lie about his relationship with Christine Keller.
1963 - UK LP release: `Please Please Me' (mono version). UK single release: `Misery', with Kenny Lynch. 1st cover of a Beatles song.
Please Please Me (UK album)
1963 - Performance at EMI House, Manchester Square, London. Presentation of silver disc for LP `Please Please Me'. Photographer present: Dezo Hoffmann.
1963 - Performance at the Gaumont, Doncaster.
1964 - Private launch party for `In His Own Write' at 30 Bedfore Square, offices of publisher Jonathan Cope. John attends.
1965 - US LP release: `The Early Beatles'.
The Early Beatles (US album)
1967 - Studio 2. 7.00pm-2.15am. Recording: `Within You Without You' (overdub onto take 1, tape reduction take 1 into take 2). Mono mixing: `Within You Without You' (remix 1, from take 2). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Geoff Emerick; 2nd Engineer: Richard Lush. Studio 1 (control room only). 11.00pm-12.30am. Tape operator Graham Kirkby oversees the playback of `Sgt Pepper's' titles finished to date, for any Beatle interested.
1969 - `Yellow Submarine' LP, 10th week in the Top 30 (Billboard). `Unfinished Music Number 1-Two Virgins' number 124, its highest position (Billboard).
1971 - US single release: `Power To The People'/`Touch Me'.
1982 - US single release: `Beatles Movie Medley'/`I'm Happy Just to Dance With You'. US LP release: `Reel Music'.
The Beatles Movie Medley / I'm Happy Just to Dance With You (Single) Reel Music (US album)
1993 - Paul's concert in Paramatta, Sydney (`The New World Tour').
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