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Today in Beatles history
1962 - Performances at the Cavern, with the Fourmost, the Dennisons, and the Zenith Six.
1963 - Studio Four, Granada TV Centre, Manchester. Granada's Scene (or Scene At 6.30) and Late Scene Extra programmes. One of the last appearances where John still has his first Gibson J-160E guitar. The guitar was stolen soon afterwards.
1964 - Number 1 Studio, BBC Aeolian Hall. 7.00-10.30pm. Recording for BBC's `Saturday Club': `Rock And Roll Music'; `I'm A Loser'; `Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby'; `I Feel Fine'; `Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!'; `She's A Woman'. `I'm A Loser', `Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby', `I Feel Fine' and `She's A Woman' are the same versions broadcast on 26 November (recorded 17 November).
1964 - Tommy Quickly, with Brian and Derek Taylor, flies to Los Angeles from London to promote his single `The Wild Side Of Life'. Before leaving to Los Angeles, Brian is seen at business meetings with Lew Grade. In Los Angeles, Brian and the party are received at the airport by Lionel Bart.
1965 - The Harrods stores, in London, opens after hours to allow the Beatles to Christmas shop for 2 hours.
1966 - Studio, Dick James House. Time unknown. Recording: `Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas'.
1966 - Chris Curtis forms a record production partnership with Brian, probably to be called Trade Limited.
1968 - Harry Moss cuts the mono version of `Yellow Submarine', at Abbey Road.
1968 - US LP release: `The Beatles'.
The Beatles (US album)
1969 - John returns the MBE.
1988 - Ringo returns to England after an antialcoholic treatment in Arizona.
1993 - Paul arrives in Mexico City. 3 hours later he flies to his house in Santa Barbara, USA, to be with his kids. Evening: First Paul's concert in Mexico City (`The New World Tour').
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