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Today in Beatles history
1962 - A new and revised contract is signed by The Beatles and Brian.
1963 - Brian writes to the `Glasgow Record and Mail', making clear that the first two hits of Gerry and the Pacemakers were not written by Lennon and McCartney, but by Mitch Murray.
1964 - Brian appears on the live BBC 1 TV program, `Tonight', interviewed by Cliff Michelmore about `A Cellarful Of Noise'.
1964 - UK LP release: `The Beatles Versus The Four Seasons'.
1966 - ``Yesterday'... And Today', 15th week in the Top 100 (Billboard).
1967 - First UK appearance of Traffic, at the Saville Theatre.
1968 - Trident Studios. Time unknown. Recording: `Honey Pie' (take 1). Mono mixing: `Honey Pie' (unnumbered rough remix, from take 1). Producer: George Martin; Engineer: Barry Sheffield; 2nd Engineer: unknown. Remixes for George Martin, to compose the score.
1969 - US LP release: `Abbey Road'.
Abbey Road (US album)
1971 - US Gold certification: `Imagine' LP.
1988 - John is honoured with a star in the streets of Hollywood.
1988 - First episode of a BBC series, essentially based on `The Beatles At The Beeb' collection.
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