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Today in Beatles history
1961 - Performance at the Casbah Coffee Club in West Derby, Liverpool.
1963 - Concert at the Granada, Mansfield (Chris Montez and Tommy Roe tour).
1964 - Shooting of the final concert scenes for `A Hard Day's Night', at the Scala Theatre, London.
1965 - Dick James and Epstein conclude a deal with music publisher Aaron Schroeder to publish in Britain all the songs in Schroeder's catalogue through Jaep Music.
1966 - `Nowhere Man' number 3, 1st week (Billboard).
1967 - Vic Lewis concludes negotiations for NEMS Enterprises to present the Monkees in concert in Britain.
1968 - Paul returns to London.
1969 - Abbey Road, Studio unknown. Time unknown. Mono mixing: `Get Back' (remixes 1-4). Producer: George Martin?; Engineer: Jeff Jarratt; 2nd Engineer: not assigned. Remix of `Get Back' for the single.
1970 - Abbey Road, Room 4. Time unknown. Stereo mixing: `The Long And Winding Road' (remix 1): `Let It Be' (remixes 1-4, from take 30); `Get Back' (remixes 1-5); `Maggie Mae' (remixes 1, 2). Editing: `Let It Be' (of stereo remixes 1-4, called remix stereo 1); `Get Back' (of stereo remixes 3, 5, called remix stereo 3). Producer: Phil Spector; Engineer: Peter Bown; 2nd Engineer: Roger Ferris. Mix of `The Long And Winding Road' for the orchestra.
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