Press Conference in Los Angeles, California (1964, August 23)
Q: "A psychiatrist in Seattle is saying that you are a menace - You bring out the destructive instincts in teenagers, and you oughta be banned."

George: "Psychiatrists are menaces, too."


Q: "Do you plan to visit Iron Curtain countries?"

John: "We don't plan our vinits! ...Visits."

Paul: "Vinits."

John: "Our manager does. So ask him."

Q: "Would you like to make a film in Hollywood?"

John: "Yeah."

George: "We don't mind, but we make the film where the company thinks it's suitable."

John: "...and cheaper."


Q: "What movie actors would you like to meet in Hollywood?"

Ringo: "Paul Newman."

Q: "What about actresses?"

Paul: "Jayne Mansfield."

Q: "Paul, do you guys plan to date while you're in L.A.?"

Paul: "Alright. See you 'round about nine then."


Q: "Are any of you fellows athletes? and what is your favorite sport?"

Ringo: "No."

George: "None of us are athletes. No. and we don't particularly like any sport, except swimming."

Q: "How content will the Beatles be when they return from here to civilization on the cheap side?"

John: "I don't know where that is."


Q: Would you care to venture a guess as to how long you think your success as the Beatles might last?"

John: (giggles) "No."

Ringo and Paul: "No."

George: "No."

John: "No."

Q: "I asked Elvis a couple of months ago if the Beatles bugged him, and he said not at all, and was really happy about the whole thing. I'd like to ask the boys what kind of opinion the boys have got of Elvis."

John: "We've got all his early records."

Paul: "No joke."

John: "It's true."

Q: "What happened to the suits they used to wear - with no collars and the black trim, and all that?"

George: "They're in the wardrobe in mothballs."

Q: "I want to ask the Beatles what they think of Barry Goldwater."

Paul: "Boo!" (shows thumbs down)

(the crowd cheers Paul's response)

Paul: (through the crowd noise) "I don't like him... I don't like him... unquote!"

Source: Video copy of the press conference