Press Conference in Indianapolis (1964, September 3)
Q: "Where do you gentlemen stand as far as the draft is concerned in England?"

John: "About five eleven."


Ringo: "It comes from that door over there."

John: "Oh, you mean the Army. We all miss it. and if we didn't, we'd all hide in the south of Ireland."

Q: "How closely was your script of the movie, 'A Hard Day's Night' scripted? How much of it did you fellas ad-lib or wing?"

Paul: (long pause) "Uhhhhhhhh..."


John: "Most of it was script. You can tell the script bits. They're all sort of semi-Irish/Welsh things. Most of it was script. Alot was ad-libbed."

Q: "I'd like to direct this question to John and Paul. Out of all the compositions that you've written, which do you..."

John: (anticipating the question) "We don't know."

Paul: "Which is what?"

John: "Which is your favorite."

Q: "Which is the best?"

John: "'Land Of Hope and Glory' was one of my favorites."


Q: "Who decides who's going to sing the lead of a particular song you may do?"

John: "It depends on alot of things. If I write.... If we write 'em together, he sings higher than me so basically I normally sing lead and he sings harmony. If I can't make it he sings on-tone."


Q: "Do you write alot of the songs in the hotel room?"

John: "Well, yeah."

Q: "Ringo?"

Ringo: "Yes?"

Q: "It's rumored that you have written some things for symphony orchestras."

Beatles: (laugh)

Ringo: "I don't even write letters."


Q: "As you're confined to your room all day, what do you do?"

George: "Oh! Tennis and waterpolo."


Paul: "Football. Cricket."

Ringo: "We just sit 'round."

Paul: "Sit 'round, read, tell jokes, play Monopoly."

Ringo: "Watch television."

Paul: "Smoke."

John: "Hide from the security. Things like that."

Q: "Does it get boring?"

Ringo: "No."

John: "No, it's great."

Q: "If you could just walk down the street without anyone recognizing you, what would you like to do?"

John: "Well, we used to do that with no money in our pockets, so there's no point in it. It's a dead loss."


Q: "Fellas, what's your opinion of the Animals, the group with the big song?"

Beatles: "Great!"

Paul: "Very good group. They're nice fellas, too."

Q: "Have you seen them before? Have you seen them perform?"

Beatles: "Yeah."

George: "In England."

Paul: "and they're nice fellas from Newcastle, you know."

Ringo: "Good lads."

Q: "Political question!"

Paul: "Alright."

John: "Great."

Ringo: "Get out!"

Q: "What's your favorite... Goldwater or Dowdy?"

John: "MacMillan."


John: "God save the queens."

Q: "John? Have you written a book?"

John: "Yeah?"

Beatles: (laugh)

Ringo: (chuckling about the reporter asking the question) "Who IS she?"

George: "Oh god."

John: "Yes, I have!"

Q: "What is it called?"

John: (pauses) "...Uhh, 'In His Own Write,' you see."

Paul: "So he's gotta be deep. Something deep coming up any minute."

Q: "What's it about?"

John: "Rubbish!"


John: (half-jokingly) "You should buy it. That's the least you can do after saying that."

Q: (snide tone) "Why don't you send me an autographed copy?"

John: "I can't be bothered."

Q: "Do you fellas have a favorite American singing group?"

Paul: "...favoriteSSS."

John: "We've got so many."

Paul: "American colored groups."

George: "The Detroit sound. All of the people from Detroit we like."

John: "Nearly all of them."

Q: "What do you think of our American group called the Beach Boys?"

George: "Great."

Paul: "I like them very much, yeah. Very good harmonies."

John: "We've never seen any of them Live, but they all make good records."

Q: "Ringo, what's your favorite color?"

Ringo: "Umm..."

Q: "They say all sorts of stuff. What is it really?"

John: (to Ringo) "What do they say about you?"

Ringo: "I don't know what do they say about me?"

George: "What is it, Ringo??"

Ringo: "Black, I'll say! What's yours?"


Q: "What do you do with all the presents you get?"

John: "What presents?"


Ringo: "We ship most off them back to England."

Paul: "Well, any of the ones that we can't keep, or the ones that are impractical, like a fifty-foot cake that we could never eat."

John: "We've never had a fifty-foot cake!!"

Paul: "No, I'm exaggerating!!"


Paul: "...a three-foot cake, you know. We give it to a charity or hospital or something."

Q: "Paul, what was your reaction to the movie (A Hard Day's Night) after you had seen it yourself?"

Paul: "Umm, I don't know, you know. With us being in it, I just watched us all the time. So the first time I just didn't think anything. But after a bit I just thought we weren't very good, but that the director was very good. I think he's a very good director, but we weren't much good."

Q: "Do you think you will ever be invited behind the Iron Curtain?"

John: "If they've got enough Rubles, or whatever they've got."


Q: "I understand they do not have an income tax."

John: "Well, they've got no money, either."


Source: Audio recording of the press conference