London Airport Interview (1963, October 31)
In this very brief discussion at London Airport, John Lennon and Paul McCartney look ahead to their upcoming Royal Variety Show performance - only five days away.

Q: "Paul, have you thought about your act for this show yet? Any changes in the act, or is it going to be, you know, the usual routine?"

Paul: "No, we'll have to change it I'm sure. We can't do the same thing all the time. We haven't thought about what we're gonna do yet."

Q: "Suits with collars on? Brush part in hair? Anything like that?"

Paul: (jokingly) "You never know. We might not wear suits! You never know! No idea."

Q: "John, in this Royal Variety Show when you're appearing before royalty, you're language has got to be pretty good obviously - this thing about Teddy saying that he couldn't distinguish your... The Queen's English."

John: (mock sophistication) "I can't understand Teddy! I can't understand Teddy saying that at all, really." (smiles)


John: (serious look into camera) "I'm not going to vote for Ted."

Paul: (quietly) "Ooo."

Q: "But you're not going to change your act for the Lord Prince?"

John: (unsophisticated accent) "Ah no, like, we'll keep, like, the same kinda thing, like. Won't we?"

Paul: "Oh! Aye, yes!"

John: "That's right."

Paul: (laughs)

Source: Video copy of original film footage