Press Conference, New York City (1965, August 13)
The Beatles flew into New York on August 13th as the first stop on their 1965 North American tour, giving a press conference at Manhatten's Warwick Hotel. They had the following day off to enjoy New York, and gave their historic Shea Stadium performance on August 15th.

Q: "John, you're the chief Beatle. What is the duty of the chief Beatle?"

John: "Uhh, nothing. Nothing I can think of. I was just tagged chief Beatle."

Ringo: (jokingly) "It's 'cuz he's the oldest."

John: "I don't do anything extra, you know."

M.C: "Okay, let's go with the first question, please."

Q: "How does it feel to be back in the States?"

Beatles: "Great!"

John: "Marvelous."

Q: "John, do you always do press conferences chewing gum?"

John: "Uhh, no. Only in America."

Q: "Only in America you chew gum?"

John: "'Cuz people give you gum all the time over here."

Q: "Are the Beatles the answer to Prime Minister (Harold) Wilson's export drive?"

George: "No."

John: "We're one of the answers. One... of... them."

Ringo: "A little answer."

Q: "Since you were made a Member of the Order of the British Empire has it changed your lives in any way?"

John: "Uhh, not yet, 'cuz we haven't really received it yet."

Q: "Will it change your lives?"

Ringo: "We'll just have a medal to wear."

Q: "Ringo, what are you gonna name the baby if it's a boy or a girl?"

Ringo: "Uhh..."

John: "Charlie."


Ringo: "That was John answering, not me. We don't know yet. We're still talking about names."

John: "How about Lyndon?"

Ringo: "How about it?"


Q: "Is your popularity fading?"

John: "Go and ask the record people."

Ringo: "Well, you all seem to be back again."


John: "Just ask the record people."

Q: "George, lots of people in this country and others are comparing you boys with those who usually are pace setters in op art and pop art and classical music - even so far as to go to compare you with Gouneau. Now, how do you react when you hear that kind of thing?"

John: "Never heard of him."


John: "We don't mind being compared with anybody."

Q: "You think you're that type of musician?"

John: "No. I mean, if people wanna compare us, they can."

Q: "Do you think you're setting styles in pop and op art?"

George: "Maybe unconsciously."

Ringo: "Yeah, we're always unconscious."

Q: "Is matrimony in the immediate future for the two unmarried members of your group?"

Paul: "Matrimony is not in the immediate future."

George: (jokingly) "Paul won't have me."

Q: "I noticed the two married men are sitting together, and the two single boys are sitting together."

John: "That's 'cuz we're queer!"


Ringo: "But don't tell anybody, will you? It's secret."

Q: "What were the sunglasses you were wearing this afternoon, John?"

John: "Uhh... Sunglasses."

Q: "No. I mean, were they special? They were green."

John: "I just found 'em in... umm..."

Ringo: "Cannes."

John: "...Cannes. They're just sort of ordinary sunglasses, only they've got mirror on one side, so nobody can see in."

Q: "Are the American fans the most enthusiastic?"

George: "There's more of them, so it appears that way."

Q: "Who are your most enthusiastic fans?"

John: "The ones that are nearest."

Paul: "Well, they're all enthusiastic but it depends on the size of the country. In this case - the biggest."

Q: "Is there any possibility of you changing your style of performance?"

John: "Uhh... not consciously."

Ringo: "I told you... we're always unconscious."

Q: "How do you feel about the teddyboys coming here?"

John: "I don't know. I don't feel anything, you know."

Q: "What happened in the Bahamas?"

John: "Which bit? We were there for weeks."

Q: "There were reports that you cut it up."

John: "We made a film."

Paul: "What do you mean, 'cut it up?' (pause) He said, 'Is it true you cut it up in the Bahamas?' and I said, 'What d'you mean, cut it up?"

Q: "Any plans to visit any countries behind the Iron Curtain?"

John: "Ask Mister Epstein."

Paul: "No, not at the moment."

Q: "Any plans for going to Vietnam and entertaining the troops?"

John: "I wouldn't go there, no."

Q: "Did you fellas do your own skiing in the (Help!) motion picture?"

John and Paul: "Some of it."

Paul: "The clever bits we didn't do."

George: "We did the bits falling over. The falling over bit."

Q: "Who do you consider the best actor among you?"

John: "Ringo."

Q: "Is this movie as good as 'Hard Day's Night'?"

John and Paul: "It's better."

Q: "John Lennon's press release says that Ringo..."

(crowd begins talking all at once)

John: (jokingly) "Hey, hold it here! What's happening, man!"

Ringo: "Put your hands up and we'll snap 'em off."

Q: "You Beatles have conquered five continents. What do you want to do next?"

Paul and John: "Conquer six."


Q: "How much money has the group made since you organized?"

John and Ringo: "We don't know."

George: "No idea."

Q: "Any new gimmicks for the show that you're gonna do?"

George: "I don't think so, no."

Q: "Are you bored with being the Beatles?"

George: "No."

Q: "The American press has compared you the Beatles with the Rascals. Have you heard of them, or seen 'em?"

John: "No."

Paul: "We've never seen 'em."

Q: "George or Paul, have you worked up any new routines for the American concerts?"

George: "Well, we've changed the, you know... We're doing lots more different songs from last time."

Source: Audio copy of the press conference