Beatles lyrics - Non Songs
# Title Comment
1 1822! Conversation at the BBC
2 A Hard Day's Night Instrumental
3 A Hard Day's Night - Their First Movie Conversation
4 A Little Rhyme Conversation at the BBC
5 And I Love Her Instrumental
6 Another Beatles' Christmas Record Conversation; Christmas Record
7 Another Hard Day's Night Instrumental
8 Beatle Medley Conversation
9 Beatlemania in Action Conversation
10 Beatles Greetings Conversation at the BBC
11 Beatles Will Be Beatles Conversation
12 Boys, what I was thinking... Conversation
13 Brian was a beautiful guy ... he presented us well Conversation
14 Cayenne Instrumental
15 Christmas Time Is Here Again! Conversation; Christmas Record
16 Crinsk Dee Night Conversation at the BBC
17 Cry for a Shadow Instrumental
18 Dear Wack! Conversation at the BBC
19 First of all ... it didn't do a thing here Conversation
20 From Fluff to You Conversation at the BBC
21 From Me to You Fantasy Instrumental
22 George Harrison Conversation
23 Have a Banana! Conversation at the BBC
24 How Beatlemania Began Conversation
25 I secured them ... a Beatle drink even then Conversation
26 I Should Have Known Better Instrumental
27 In the Tyrol Instrumental
28 Introduction of the Band Live at the Star-Club in Hamburg
29 James Bond Theme Instrumental
30 Jessie's Dream Instrumental for Magical Mystery Tour
31 John Lennon Conversation
32 Just a Rumour Conversation at the BBC
33 Liverpool and All the World! Conversation
34 Love These Goon Shows! Conversation at the BBC
35 Man Behind the Beatles - Brian Epstein Conversation
36 Man Behind the Music - George Martin Conversation
37 March of Meanies Instrumental; Yellow Submarine
38 Medley: Sea of Time and Sea of Holes Instrumental; Yellow Submarine
39 On Stage With the Beatles Conversation
40 Ooh! My Arms Conversation at the BBC
41 Paul McCartney Conversation
42 Pepperland Instrumental; Yellow Submarine
43 Pepperland Laid Waste Instrumental; Yellow Submarine
44 Riding on a Bus Conversation at the BBC
45 Ringo Starr Conversation
46 Ringo's Theme (This Boy) Instrumental
47 Sea of Monsters Instrumental; Yellow Submarine
48 Set Fire to That Lot! Conversation at the BBC
49 Sha La La La La! Conversation at the BBC
50 Shirley's Wild Accordion Instrumental for Magical Mystery Tour
51 Sneaky Haircuts and More About Paul Conversation
52 Sometimes I'd borrow ... those still exits Conversation
53 The Beatles Look at Life Conversation
54 The Beatles' 1968 Christmas Record Conversation; Christmas Record
55 The Beatles' Christmas Record Conversation; Christmas Record
56 The Beatles' Fourth Christmas Record - Pantomime: Everywhere It's Christmas Conversation; Christmas Record
57 The Beatles' Seventh Christmas Record Conversation; Christmas Record
58 The Beatles' Third Christmas Record Conversation; Christmas Record
59 The Bitter End, You Can't Do That Instrumental
60 The Chase Instrumental
61 Victims of Beatlemania Conversation
62 We were four guys ... that's all Conversation
63 We were performers ... in Britain Conversation
64 Well, the recording test ... by my artists Conversation
65 Who's a Millionaire? Conversation
66 Yellow Submarine in Pepperland Instrumental; Yellow Submarine
Category Description Amount of songs
Main Songs Songs and instrumentals officially released in 50s-60s by the Beatles. 215
Rare Songs Songs released after the group broke up (live versions, studio takes, demo, radio sessions, etc.) 269
Non Songs Conversations, talks, instrumentals. 66
Other Songs Undefined and very rare songs, songs written for other artists. Most of these songs are available on bootlegs. 30
Song Index Complete song index. All compositions from all categories. 580