Beatles Press Conference in Essen, Germany (1966, June 25)
Q: "Would you be so kind as to tell us something about your impressions in Munich and here in Essen?"

John: (jokingly) "NO! Umm, yeah."


Paul: "It's bigger here."

John: "It's very nice. We only saw the hotels and that."

Q: "What's your opinion about your listeners here in Essen?"

Paul: "Good audience."

Ringo: "Yeah... The best audience."

John: "Louder audience than Munich."

Q: (female voice) "Do you like the German girls?"

Paul: "Yes."


John: "Yes, great."

Q: "Do you think it's very exciting and nice to be here as you are today, or would you rather be in Hamburg again?"

Paul: "No, it's just wonderful. As you can see, we enjoy it."

Q: "What do you think of a lot of noise at Beat concerts?"

Paul: "Umm, yes. Just about as much as at a football match."


Q: "What's the difference between German fans, English fans and American fans?"

Ringo: "They're all the same."

Q: "There's an old German song that says 'Why is it so beautiful on the Rhine?' You've travelled along the Rhine, what are your impressions of it?"

John: "We were asleep!"

Ringo: "I slept, you know."


Q: "What about an appearance in Canada?"

John: "We've been there."

Ringo: "We go there in August."

George: "We've been there three times."

Q: "Are you never homesick?"

Paul: "Yes, always."

Q: "John, what's the time?"

John: "I don't know."


Q: "George?"

George: "Yeah."

Q: "What's the time?"

George: (pause) "Five 'til eight, on my watch."

Ringo: "Time you were in bed!"


Q: "Are you afraid of your trip to Tokyo?"

John: "Why?"

Q: "Because they said they would cut your hair over there."

Paul: "No, they won't."

John: "They'd just imitate us."

Q: "Do the Beatles plan in the near future to make another film?"

John: (exaggerated German accent) "YA!"


Q: "Do you have any idea what it's going to be like?"

John: "No. We have no script."

Q: "Do you sing for music or for money?"

Paul: "Both."

John: "Well, when they don't pay you, you do it for music."


Q: "Do you do it for love or for money?"

Paul: "Both."

Q: "Is it possible that you will make a film without music?"

Paul: "Umm, no. Not likely. It's possible though, but it's not likely."

Q: "If you would have to buy a ticket for your own performance, how much would you pay for it?"

John: "We know the manager, so we get in free."


Q: "Do the Beatles write their arrangements for their songs all by themselves?"

Paul: "Yes."

Q: "Who wrote the arrangement for 'Michelle'?

John: "We did."

George: "Leonard Bernstein."


Paul: "We did, all together. We do them all together."

Q: What do you think about people who have written about you? Do you think they have intelligence or not?"

George: "We don't think..."

John: "Some are intelligent, some are stupid. Some are silly, some are stupid... the same in any crowd. They're not all the same. Ein is clever... Ein is soft."


Q: "What do you think of the questions you are getting asked here?"

John: "They're a bit stupid."

(laughter, followed by applause)

Source: Audio recording of press conference